What is Mark Zuckerberg’s IQ?

  1. What is Mark Zuckerberg’s IQ?
  2. What is Elon Musk IQ?
  3. What is Jeff Bezos IQ level?
  4. Is Elon Musk smart?
  5. Does Lady Gaga have a high IQ?
  6. How smart is Rick?
  7. Who is the smartest of all time?
  8. What’s Arnold Schwarzenegger’s IQ?
  9. What is Thanos’s IQ?
  10. Is Morty Smith smart?
  11. What is Geena Davis IQ?
  12. Who has 400 IQ?

What is Mark Zuckerberg’s IQ?

Zuckerberg has an estimated IQ of 152, as reported by several sources. He is considered to be a genius and within the top ranks of intelligent people across the world. What is this? 152 is considered a high score, with 100 representing the average score.

What is Elon Musk IQ?

It is estimated that Elon Musk’s IQ is around 150 to 155. Great geniuses like Einstein and Hawking had an IQ of 160, which puts Elon in a very great position. He can actually be considered a genius, lets get to that later in the article.

What is Jeff Bezos IQ level?

As mentioned above, there is no public data available on it but based on the estimates, Jeff Bezos’s IQ is around 150. There is no doubt that a man of his position will have an IQ of less than 150 which is the same as Elon Musk.

Is Elon Musk smart?

People want to believe that, but here’s the thing: Musk has a huge IQ. He is measurably, scientifically, clinically and demonstrably the smartest person in any room anywhere.

Does Lady Gaga have a high IQ?

Lady Gaga is probably among the most gifted and intelligent people on Earth, but it is an insult to her to label her with a paltry 166 IQ, as if the number actually meant anything important.

How smart is Rick?

He is over 300. “And considering his advancements in Science Fiction technology. His IQ would be well over 500. “Rick is the smartest man on earth.

Who is the smartest of all time?

To those who knew of his son, William James Sidis was quite possibly the smartest man who ever lived. Born in Boston in 1898, William James Sidis made the headlines in the early 20th century as a child prodigy with an amazing intellect. His IQ was estimated to be 50 to 100 points higher than Albert Einstein’s.

What’s Arnold Schwarzenegger’s IQ?

Arnold Schwarzenegger A native of Austria, he is reported to have an IQ of 132.

What is Thanos’s IQ?

Thanos’ IQ is over 9000.

Is Morty Smith smart?

Biography. Morty was a genius teenager living at home with his alcoholic idiot grandfather Rick, who he would constantly make fun of for being less intelligent. He was smart enough to be a part of the Council of Mortys, who he was on good terms with. This murder was witnessed by Rick and Morty from Dimension C-132.

What is Geena Davis IQ?

AP Photo/Seth Wenig Actress Geena Davis, seen at a “Women’s Empowerment” conference at United Nations Headquarters, Feb. 22, 2010, has a reported IQ of 140. She is fluent in Swedish and accomplished on four musical instruments.

Who has 400 IQ?

Adragon De MelloAdragon De Mello A college graduate at the age of 11, De Mello has a projected IQ of 400.